Miracle Noodles

The Japanese consume konjaku nearly every day and know that these noodles provide plenty of dietary fiber, without having to eat oats, grains and pastas.

Why Fiber?

Bulk fiber is important because it encourages the peristaltic action in your intestines that moves food through your digestive system. Fiber pushes against the walls of your intestines, and they push back. Think of fiber as the personal trainer for your gut, it helps improve muscle tone!

The fiber in konjaku noodles is called glucomannan, and it can control your blood sugar and cholesterol and even help you lose weight.

Konjaku noodles specifically help you feel full because in your belly they expand to many times their original size, meaning you can eat less and still feel satisfied. (Keep this in mind when consuming the noodles, as you’ll be satisfied with less than you actually think!)

Truly a Food Miracle!

Try Miracle Noodle’s gluten-free, calorie-free traditional and/or black shirataki noodles as part of your delicious, fiber-rich meal!

For the best source of konjaku, we recommend (and use) Miracle Noodle. Their shirataki noodles are the highest quality and they provide a range of different options, like fettucini, angel hair and orzo. They even have black shirataki noodles, which includes traditional shirataki and the ocean vegetable, hijiki – a perfect way to get healing ocean vegetables in your meals!

Miracle Noodle’s shirataki noodles are easy to prepare: just rinse, pat dry and sauté them quickly in a teaspoon of raw butter, ghee or coconut oil.

(If you are going to choose shirataki noodles from elsewhere, be certain they are true shirataki noodles with the purest ingredients…check out Miracle Noodle shirtaki to see their ingredients, etc.)

Add whatever toppings you like, especially stir-fried vegetables and Body Ecology sauces. These noodles take the flavor of whatever you serve them with, so be liberal with your garlic, herbs and other seasonings. Include a side dish of cultured vegetables and you’ll have a delicious Body Ecology meal.

With Miracle Noodle’s shirataki noodles, you can enjoy konjaku just like the Japanese do and reap the benefits of this fiber-rich, low-carb, calorie-free, gluten-free “pasta!” — by Donna Gates, Body Ecology