Supplements and Self Care

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  • PureBalance - Chlorella, Pure Fish Oil, Borage Oil, Total Omega 3+
  • Lumina Health – Cellfood Products: Silica – for weight loss benefits and psorias, Cellfood Gel
  • Metagencis- UltraClear, Multigenics, Glutagenics, Potent-C Powder, Licorice Plus, Inflavonoid, Juicy Fruit-C
  • Body Ecology - Ocean Plant Extract, EcoBloom, Vitality Super Green, Culture Starter, Kefir Starter
  • Global Healing Center - Detoxadine, Livatrex, Oxy-Powder, Paratrex
  • Inner Vitality - 100% Pure Plant Derived Humic/Fulvic Supplement Bio-Mass Minerals
  • Systemic Formulas - Bio Nutriment DV3 Vitamin D3 Plus Immune Support, Bio Nutriment VITD3 LQ Vitamins D3 + K3 Liquid Complex, Bio Challenge VIVI Virox
  • Renew Life - Paragone, Flush & Be Fit, Ultimate Flora, Heave Metal Cleanse, Daily Multi-Detox, Organic Essential Detox
  • Dr. Dunner - Sambu Elderberry Concentrate, Sambu Guard
  • Gia - i-nourish
  • Zija – XM3 Capsules containing Moringa for weight management

Self Care






  • Nerium Age Defying Skincare Treatment: This breakthrough skincare product harnesse the NAE-8 extract to get proven anti-aging results in third-party clinical trials including the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, as well as age and sun damage.
  • Jade & Pearl Sea Sponge Tampons, Beat It All Natural Bug Spray
  • Thayers Slippery Elm Lozenges
  • Mountain Well-Being- Colloidal Silver, Soothing Silver Gel
  • Barr- Castor Oil, Castor Wash
  • Wheatgrass Implants
  • Yerba Prima Skin Brush
  • Bardia Urethral Red Rubber Catheter
  • Estrella Oral Tonic Rinse
  • Herbavita Rosemary Herbal Oil Hair Treatment
  • Secure Denture Bonding Cream
  • Kendall Seamless Enema Bags
  • Burt’s Bees- Natural Throat Drops
  • Zans Menthol Herbalozenges
  • Emergen-C- Immune+ System Support
  • Clean Well- Disinfectant Spray