Stooling Stool Step

Stooling Stool Step

Stooling Stool Step a.k.a. Stool Step/Life step

Customized stooling stools available to fit your toilet/bathroom needs.

Why would I want to use one?

Many years ago and still today many squat to defecate. Now, with the development of TOILETS, we westernized people forgot (may never have known) about the power of squatting to have healthy bowel movements.

As a recent client shared, “I was amazed at how much more complete I felt after a bowel movement when using a step stool in front of my toilet. WOW! When I do not have the step stool for elimination I know and feel the incompleteness of my elimination.”

The sitting position that we all are so familiar with makes elimination difficult and incomplete. The result of this is constipation, trapped waste in the large intestine (fecal stagnation). This can increase the risk of colon cancer and many other clinical complications.  As clean as our colon is, is as clean as our blood is!

When we sit to eliminate there is a high chance of straining with additional pressure on all the lower torso organs  contributing to disorders and/or diagnosis of hemorrhoids and pelvic floor prolapse.

On his TV show, Dr Oz often recommends putting feet up while on the toilet to help with constipation and straining.

On the show Two and a Half Men, Alan, stated something like the health of his colon depended on the step stool.

Some cultures squat on the physical toilet seat and others’ squat outside. The Stooling Stool is handmade by a local artist in the Lehigh Valley from brazilin wood, petroleum free finish .  A must have for all!

Great for male prostate health! Please sit to eliminate your bladder, take the load off your prostate.

Approximately 7 ¼ ″ by 17 ½ ″ wide by 16 ″ long.

Call pathways holistic center to place your order. 610-966-7001

$75.00 per stool

You will be amazed at how different your colon feels. Completion of elimination. Greater quality of health.

Enjoy your pooping!